Modeller av verkligheten

Modeller av verkligheten


VetenskapPosted by PC 2017-01-29 11:11:39
"Once you discover that you've been fooled you pretty much start questioning everything."

"I believe in science that can be replicated."

"It can be proven that most claimed research findings are false."
Why Most Published Research Findings Are False

"But what does it mean? The answer is simple: Nothing. Nothing at all. It is gibberish, designed not to communicate information or to transform the reader but to bedazzle and bamboozle those dim enough to fall for it."
Carl R. Trueman, Reflections on being the dumbest man in the room

"Perhaps the dumbest man in the room is not the man who cannot understand gibberish, but the man who cannot see gibberish for what it is."

"Without full disclosure this basic property of the scientific enterprise, enhancing our understanding of the world, is lost."
False-positive citations

Nature 25 maj 2016

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